Who is Opa Heinrich?

Heinrich  Stiefel, known as ‘Opa Heinrich‘,  is a composer, a lyric writer and a musician. Married for almost 50 years, has three children and five grandchildren. For more than 30 years he has been a producer of valuable teaching and learning materials for schools, kindergartens or nursery schools and parents.

He personifies the ideas and basic values with catchy, encouraging songs to be imprinted in  the hearts and  long-term memories of children, the youth and even parents.

In 2007 Heinrich Stiefel’s first music CD entitled “Musik macht das Leben froh“ (‘Music makes life happy‘) won the “Deutschen Kinderpreis” and since 2008 he has been performing live and voluntarily in schools, kindergartens and big events using his stage name ‘Opa Heinrich’.

His social commitments also include gratis performances for the organisations UNICEF, World Vision, ‘Die Arche’, etc.

For different foundations like ‘Gmeiner Stiftung’ and ‘Die Wolfgang Bergmann Stiftung’, he has written several songs.

Meanwhile he has already composed more than 100 songs and has released different music CDs. Six music CDs in the English language are now available. All CDs can be downloaded from different Internet portals.

Some Opa Heinrich’s songs have already been marketed and sold on music CDs by companies like Universal Music and EMI alongside prominent music stars like Peter Maffay, Nena, Heino, Rolf Zuckowski, Volker Rosin, Karel Gott and many others.

Special editions have even been produced for Saturn, Media Markt and Pollin Electronic for sport events and Christmas celebrations. Additionally, Heinrich Stiefel has written 300 love-filled short children’s stories for the German radio programme ‘Radio Teddy’.

Among other things, Heinrich Stiefel has managed the opening of  ‘Heinrich Stiefel School Museum’.

Die Arche Summerfair Munich, 2014

Opa Heinrich live at the “Die Arche” summerfair in Munich, 2014

Opa Heinrich’s mottoes

“All children in this world are our future. Let’s make them strong and loving humans, in mind and body, through our songs and by being kind to one another.“

“Self-confidence and a good character are the foundations of a happy and successful life.“

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