Songs to sing along

What does Opa Heinrich do and why does he do it?

For Heinrich Stiefel, a good character is the most important base for a successful and happy life. Being happy requires the development of self-confidence and finding a good attitude to oneself and to others. People who are self-confident usually have the courage to try new things.

Opa Heinrich’s lyrics in his songs almost always have the values in life as a message. They should support teachers and parents in their important task of educating children. Values such as friendship, team spirit, love and tolerance, which are important in living in a community, are contained in many of his songs.

Creches or day-care institutions and kindergartens like using Opa Heinrich’s children’s and sport songs to develop team behaviour and way of thinking in a group.

Almost all of Opa Heinrich’s songs are available in the English language as well or can be downloaded from the Internet worldwide, in order to make English learning more interesting.

Again and again, Opa Heinrich is always surprised by how easy you can make children happy through singing, dancing, laughing and taking part.

Why “Songs to sing along”?

Singing is fun and develops self-confidence, the whole development of children, the social competence, the fantasy, the creativity and of course, the language competence as well. “Singing makes children happy.”,  is an old wisdom.

Whether young or old, where there’s singing and laughing people are are happier and usually healthier. A modern study also proves that singing strengthens the well-being of the whole body and the immune system. In some cases singing works as an anti-depressant, as said by music therapists.

Old Wisdom

  “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.”

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